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о России, Медведеве, Путине и умственных способностях граждан России

Упоминание о годах учёбы в СССР(1983) позволяет предположить давнее знакомство слависта-практиканта с "тонкими персонами" коллаборационизма в России. Полагаю, что с его отношением к стране и её руководителям, г-н посол недолго пробудет в нашей стране. о его отношении к России, Медведеву, Путину и умственным способностям граждан страны пребывания можно судить по многочисленным работам МакФола.

- победа СССР в WW2 ознаменовалась "a period of Soviet suppression, brutality, mass murder."
- "I left my native country of Hungary because of Soviet occupation, and later I became one of the leading anti-Soviet voices in Congress... развитие the Soviet Union в те годы (80-е) было безусловным "abomination" - гадостью и мерзостью.

- "I am profoundly disturbed by his[В.В.Путин] pattern of abuse and repression of dissidents, independent journalists and in fact anyone who opposes him" - неужели я исключение?

- "13 journalists[включая my friend Anna Politkovskaya] critical of Putin have died under mysterious circumstances since he took office..." - УБИЙЦА!

- "The former CEO of oil company Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, sits in a Siberian prison on phony charges [по лживым обвинениям]" - Страсбург считает иначе.
- "I urge Mr. Putin to rethink his skewed vision(кособокий, неадекватный) of ... Russia" - какая манифестация силы духа!
- "This draconian use of Russia’s energy wealth to enforce its policy preferences simply cannot be tolerated" - убить саму возможность России как конкурента на мировом рынке.

- "Putin’s crackdown on recent peaceful opposition protests is haunting" - ЖИВОДЁР!
- "Russians today are richer ... than at any time in their very long history ... look at all the fabulous economic growth after all that is happening in Russia today. Fabulous. Fantastic. It all has to do with sound economic policies taken in 1999 and 2000 and oil prices" - пора положить этому конец!

- "under Mr. Putin сorruption has increased tenfold (в 10 раз!) according to INDEM (фонд ИНДЕМ основан в 1990 г. Г.Сатаровым, советником Президента Б. Ельцина), the average murder rate from 1995 to 1999 was 30,200. Under Mr. Putin it has been 32,200" - кровавый диктатор!

- "you have to reject the budget that the President [Bush] has proposed to you. He calls for a 40% decrease in money for democracy assistance to Russia. I just don’t understand it. What signal are you sending to the human rights activists if you cut the budget?" - ... сигнал ясный - бабла не будет, работайте за идею.

- "2008... is a pivotal moment. We can provide technology and support to help expose fraud in the selection. We have done it around the world, through the OSCE, through exit polls, through Russian monitoring groups" - президентские выборы 2008 должны быть объявлены противозаконными. Чтобы припахать всех, необходимы бабосы.

- "Putin has not radically violated the 1993 constitution, cancelled elections or arrested thousands of political opponents" - кровавый диктатор недостаточно кровав.
- "During Putin’s second term, the government has all but abandoned the pursuit of liberal economic reforms, because oil revenues..." - защитим либерализм в России обвалом мировых цен на нефть и другие полезные ископаемые!

- "A more democratic Russia would have grown even faster" - какая бескорыстная забота об экономическом благополучии стратегического конкурента США!
- "Decision-making within the Russian state has become more centralized" - что уж точно не в интересах США.
- "giving Putin credit for Russia’s growing economy is silly" - воздавать должное Путину за рост экономики России глупость. Как потом в глаза смотреть?

- "Putin appeared to take charge of the war (Дагестан), repelling the Chechen rebels (повстанцы) who had invaded neighboring Dagestan and then ordering Russian soldiers back into Chechnya" - это уже не часть России?
- "The economy, political stability, and national security all seemed to be improving with Putin’s arrival as prime minister and then president" - экономическое развитие, политическая стабильность и безопасность страны будут укрепляться при Путине - Председателе Правительства - и затем Президенте. А ведь всего лишь 2007 год - такое развитие событий недопустимо!

- "Putin pursues polices that he believes serve Russia’s national interests, with little attention paid to American interests" - а должен в интересах США?
- "A better funded Jackson Foundation could make direct grants to the activists and organizationsin Russia. Direct personal engagement of Russian democratic activists also matters. If Putin steps down after his second term as the constitution calls for, then Russian democracy has a chance for renewal. Bush and his government must focus attention and greater resources on those Russian societal actors..." - кто бы сомневался. бабло побеждает добро.

- "Democrats in Russia are still praying that we do not forget them and do not abandon our mission to promote liberty everywhere in the world, including Russia" - "не забудем, не простим!"
- "the budget for civil society in Russia for fiscal year 2007 is $43 million" - маловато будет ...
- "the xenophobia happened to the Georgians ... they [Медведев, Путин] literally just rounded up school children and threw them out of the country" - что за бред!
- "We have to stand firm with our Georgian friends" - ни шагу назад!

Реклама фильма 1948 г. - либо быстро снимают, либо готовили заранее, под речь Черчиля.

- в 1904 г. в книге «Пища богов» Герберт Уэллс впервые использовал выражение ЖЗ - "enforced privacy".
- «Апокалипсис нашего времени»(1917) философ В.Розанов(1856—1919): "С лязгом, скрипом, визгом опускается над Русской Историей железный занавес".
- в 1919 г. ПМ Франции Жорж Клемансо на Парижской мирной конференции: «Мы желаем поставить вокруг большевизма железный занавес, который помешает ему разрушить цивилизованную Европу».
- Исторически ЖЗ — существовавший в европейских средневековых театрах занавес из железа для защиты зрителей в случае пожара на сцене.


Mr. BILIRAKISM: "What is your estimate of the level of wealth accumulated by the leadership in the Kremlin under Mr.Putin?"

Mr. SATTER: "Putin himself is believed to be immensely wealthy. Nobody can determine exactly how wealthy, but just judging on the basis of circumstantial evidence it is certainly on the level of the highest levels of the Saudi Arabian leadership" - как страшно жить!

Mr. BILIRAKIS: "How did he acquire the wealth?" - он что, только на свет появился?
Mr. SATTER: "...if you can control the flow of revenue to any organization the myriad ways in which you can skim off revenue would fill 1,001 Arabian nights. They are geniuses in finding ways to divert income, to set up front companies and to create companies staffed by their mistresses, their relatives, and their children" - в США всё иначе.

Mr. MCFAUL: "I think the real story ... is that we have had the renationalization of things worth owning under Mr. Putin, and the two biggest ones of course are Gazprom and Rosneft. The head of it, and this is the problem ... Mr. Medvedev[!]. Igor Sechin is the chairman of the board who is the Deputy Chief of Administration for Mr. Putin, so what his take is and how he gets his money we don’t know because these companies once were much more transparent than they are today as a result of these transformations." - сильный ответ! за такие инвективы можно и в суд подавать.

Mr. MCFAUL: "On the former Soviet republics, just briefly I would just say we cannot let Georgia and Ukraine fail. ... [If these two democratic experiments] fail then the Russians have won..." - Грузия и Украина как объекты вивисекционной лаборатории, а победа России нам не нужна.


- "The growing trend toward authoritarianism in Russia is extremely alarming..."
- "during the presidency of V.Putin we have seen Russia’s Freedom House rating lowered from "partly free" to "not free."
- "...a growing cadre of former security officials appointed to key positions in Mr. Putin’s administration."
- "the increase in crimes of hatred and intolerance nature in Russia, where they are perpetrated particularly against Chechens, "guest workers" from Central Asia, foreigners, and Jews." - опять во всём виноваты евреи!
- "According to Deputy Prosecutor-General Viktor Grin, the number of occurrences of hate crimes in 2006 doubled from 2005." - с 40 до 80?
- "...there have been recent declines in religious freedom and... they are extremely worrying. ...discrimination against members of minority religions, including Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Hare Krishna Society, Pentecostal churches, and the Mormon Church..." - религия - опиум народа!
- "while the Russian Orthodox Church has received such increases in support that it is now a de facto official religion ..." - оплакивание православной религии уже не актуально.
- "the trafficking of women and children abroad for sexual purposes..." - претензии к поставщикам или покупателям из США, Израиля, Великобритании ...?
- "under Putin we have seen a return to state control of key sectors of the economy..." - уточняю Russia state control.

ДОСТИЖЕНИЯ ВВП НА ПОСТУ ПРЕЗИДЕНТА приведены МакФолом на слушаниях. Positive Economic Trends ЗА 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006

рост валового нац.продукта:
GDP growth (%) - 1999-6.4 2000-10.0, 2001-5.1, 2002-4.7, 2003-7.3, 2004-7.2, 2005-6.4, 2006-6.6
прямые иностранные инвестиции:
Foreign Direct Investment ($млр)- 1999-3309, 2714, 2748, 3461, 7958, 15 444, 15 151, 2006-30000
Inflation (CPI,%) - 1999-85.6%, 20.7%, 18.6%, 15.1%, 12.0%, 11.7%, 10.9%, 2006-9.7%
баланс национального бюджета:
Budget Balance (% GDP) – 1999-3.6, 0.8, 3.0, 1.4, 1.7, 4.3, 7.5, 2006-7.4
резервы в иностранной валюте[$ USA)
FCReserves($bn, - 1999-12.5, 28.0, 36.6, 47.8, 76.9, 124.5, 182.2, 2006-303.0
фонд стабилизации:
Stabilization Fund ($bn) — — — — — 2004-18.7, 2005-2.9, 2006-90.2
национальный биржевой индекс:
StockMarketIndex(RTS rub) 1999-175.3, 143.3, 260.1, 359.1, 567.3, 614.1, 1125.6, 2006-1921.9
реальные доходы на душу населения:
Real income per capita(annual%change) – 1999-11.9, 13.4, 10.0, 10.8, 14.6, 11.2, 9.3, 2006-10.0
Unemployment(%) 1999-12.4, 10.7, 9.1, 8.0, 8.3, 8.13, 7.58, 2006-6.6
население за чертой выборов:
Poverty (% population) 1999-41.5, 29.0, 27.3, 24.2, 20.6, 17.8, 15.8, 2006-14.5

(Sources: World Bank, Goskomstat, IMF, RIA Novosti, RTS Index, EBRD, Economist, other news sources)

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